Jessica Bennett '16

Major: Public Health
Hometown:Green, OH

At Mount Union I am not just receiving a degree; I’m becoming a well-rounded person. I am learning different skills that will set me apart from my peers when applying for jobs or grad school.

Engineering and Business Building Facilities and Equipment

Engineering and Business Building (2010)
The Engineering and Business Building was renovated in 2010 to serve as the facility for Mount Union’s programs in mechanical engineering and civil engineering. The building houses the Department of Engineering and the Department of Economics, Accounting and Business Administration.

The academic facility includes:

  • Two-story lobby
  • John F. “Jack” Peters stock ticker display
  • Time zone clocks
  • Five engineering labs
  • Computer lab
  • Two lecture halls
  • Conference room
  • Student lounge
  • Study areas
  • 21 faculty offices

As a part of Mount Union’s sustainability initiative, contractors renovated the building under silver LEED-certified standards.



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