Kyle Dreger ‘14

Major: Computer Science and English
Job Title: Software Engineer

The Honors Program gave me the chance to dig deep into subjects I enjoyed. The best part was that I got to work one-on-one with my professors on specific projects and goals, which often led to plenty of practical experience within the subject the class was studying.


The English major’s focus on developing superior core skills of interpretation and communication prepares students for success in a huge range of professions. For example, apart from the well-known paths to teaching and various kinds of professional writing, the English major is also a traditional preparation for law school because of its emphasis on persuasion and the evaluation of verbal evidence. In fact, English is among a handful of majors that consistently place highest for scores on the national law school admissions test (LSAT). Given that a typical American now switches careers three or even five times, the flexible skill set of the English major is a major advantage in both traditional and emerging fields.

Modern Machine Shop
Pepperdine University
Epic Systems

University of Cincinnati
The Ohio State University
University of Toledo
Carnegie Mellon University

Teaching English in Middle/High School
Teaching in Higher Education
Publishing and Editing
Library Science

98% of our 2013 graduates started a degree-required career or were accepted to graduate school (based on respondents)
*Based on a survey of the Class of 2013 with 85% self reporting
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