Strategic Initiative

Enrich the experience of an increasingly diverse student body



  • Foster an inclusive culture that is focused on and values diversity.
  • Provide programs and support services for our evolving student body.
  • Strengthen student success and engagement initiatives.

We are living in a diverse world without borders. Yet, many of our students arrive on campus with little or no exposure to those of different backgrounds, cultures, or ideals. Their ability to excel in our 21st century world will be driven by our ability as an institution to help them better understand themselves and the world around them, to enhance their cultural competence, and prepare them to live, work, and engage in a global community.

As indicated in our Diversity Statement, at Mount Union, “we continuously strive to welcome, accept, and respect all people. We believe that through the union of disparate perspectives, we strengthen our community, facilitate global enlightenment, and enable collective self-discovery. As such, we embrace diversity and inclusiveness to facilitate the development of ideas, the advancement of global perspectives, and the creation of a greater understanding and acceptance of all people. We actively promote a diverse and inclusive environment that obliges mutual respect and positive engagement to effectively enrich learning and living for our students, faculty, staff, administration, and community.”

Efforts to increase diversity – both domestic and international – can only succeed long-term through the fostering of an inclusive culture that focuses on and values diversity. Interfaith understanding, gender-inclusivity, and increased dialogue regarding diversity in all forms will be critical to ensuring a welcoming and respectful environment in which all students can learn, engage, and excel.

As our campus becomes more diverse and the make-up of the student body itself evolves, the enhancement of student services will be imperative. The unique needs of transfer, commuter, graduate, and international students will require new kinds of support. All students will have an opportunity to flourish on a campus featuring enhanced experiential learning opportunities and facilities that support academics and athletics.

In our global society, today’s generation of students will undoubtedly wish to explore the world beyond Mount Union, but they also expect rich opportunities for engagement on campus. Advising, student support, and other retention initiatives will be critical to student involvement and success, as will efforts to help students understand the connections and strengthen alignments between the curricular and co-curricular aspects of their education. Additional opportunities for out-of-the-classroom learning will come via improved campus programming.



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