Entrepreneur David Brown Presents Smith Lectureship in Business at Mount Union College

April 06, 2010


An entrepreneur needs to be one-third visionary, one-third manager and one-third technician to be successful, said David Brown, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Brown Family Communities of Arizona, speaking to students, faculty and staff at the C. Richard Smith Lectureship on Thursday, October 31.


Brown, a 1954 graduate of Mount Union College, said that his entrepreneurship began as a student at the College, when he leased from Mount Union a snack bar in the basement of Miller Residence Hall. Returning to the College nearly 50 years later, Brown's family-run company is currently one of the top builders in Arizona, and he imparted some advice to the business students invited to the lecture.

Dave Brown


"The students here today don't know what they want to be when they grow up, and neither do I," said Brown. "That is the best part of entrepreneurship! The risks are great but so are the rewards. It is a continuing education."
According to Brown, an entrepreneur is a "dreamer, a catalyst for change, lives in the future and creates a great deal of havoc around him." He outlined what he felt were the most important tips for entrepreneurs, including their thought process and how it differs from that of a manager.
"The entrepreneur asks, 'how is my product unique,'" said Brown. "Entrepreneurs know that what the customer wants is continually changing, and they try to figure out how to meet those needs."
In addition to these thought processes, Brown said "there is no substitute for a 60-hour work week."
"I am still learning," said Brown. "And I still love my job!"
The Smith Lectureship in Business was established in 2001 by C. Richard Smith, a 1953 graduate of Mount Union College. The purpose of this Lectureship is to bring business professionals to the Mount Union College campus to share their knowledge and experience with business students, faculty and others from the campus and local community.

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