Erika Druzina ‘15

Major: Neuroscience
Hometown: Kirtland, Ohio

Future Doctor

Member of women’s soccer, lacrosse, Raider Relief and SAAC


Why Mount?
Mount Union was the last school I visited and I absolutely loved it. The campus was beautiful and they had the major I was interested in. I had never heard any bad things about the school and being able to play sports was a big plus.

People Matter
I love the people here. I have some amazing teachers, a great advisor, and my favorite – my friends. I’ve made friends here I’ll have for the rest of my life.

Mount Union Stadium
My favorite place on campus has to be the stadium. I spend a lot of time in places like Bracy or the library, whether it’s studying or just doing homework. The stadium is where I can get away and relieve some stress playing soccer and lacrosse and not worry about any schoolwork.

Personal Experience
I like the small school feel. I know I can always stop in my professors’ office and ask a question, or just recognize people on my way to class. I think it’s a more personal experience compared to other schools.

Career Path
I have always thought the study of the brain was so interesting, and I was also interested in psychology. A major in neuroscience offered me both, along with science courses from my chemistry minor, which keep my interest. Right now I am majoring in neuroscience, but am on a “pre-med” track so that I am prepared to take the MCAT, so I can then apply for med school.

Research Study
My favorite hands-on experience at Mount Union was doing a research study with fellow students and my advisor. We ran an experiment for the fall semester and during the spring semester, data was analyzed and the paper was written. It has since been sent in for submission for a couple of established neuroscience journals.

Learning from Experience
I volunteer at Alliance Community Hospital when I can and have had shadowing experiences with a pediatric neurologist, which was really neat. Since then, I have gotten a job at the Cleveland Clinic back at home, which I like because it puts me in an environment where I feel comfortable and where I learn a lot.

Studying the Brain
So far, my favorite class was Neuro I. I loved learning why things happen, such as why people dream. It’s amazing how much there is to know about the brain, and at the same time how much has not been discovered yet either.

Favorite Professor
One of my favorite professors is Dr. Paul Muller, associate professor of sociology. I have not taken a single class with him without some jokes cracked, or the mention of baby animals. His humor during class reminds me that you can never go through life being so serious.

Combining a liberal arts education and professional preparation has made me a well-rounded student. I have appreciation for things like poetry and psychology that I would not have otherwise.

Dream Job
My ultimate goal is to become a doctor. I’m not sure what type yet, but I know that it is something I have wanted to do all my life. After shadowing a neurologist, I was inspired; but fields like dermatology and pediatrics also sound like good fits.

Mount Union was a perfect fit for me. It was not too big, not too far from home and Mount Union offers neuroscience as a major, which sounded interesting.

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