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Physician Assistant Program Estimated Costs

Review the estimated costs for Mount Union's 27-month Physician Assistant Studies Program below.

Mount Union PA Studies Program
Tuition And Fees:                        

Entire 27-month PA program

2014 Entering Cohort Class

Other Costs:

Textbooks     $3,700 
Laptop Computer     $2,500
Lab Coats, equipment, etc.     $2,250
PDA (Clinical Year)         $250 
Health Record Maintenance and Background Check (Corporate Screening)        $328
AAPA Conference Attendance in Semesters 4 and 7     $2,500
University Technology Fee        $630
Program Fee        $504
Total Other Costs Estimate

Note:  Living and travel expenses may vary widely, so they are not included in this estimate.

**While most clinical rotations are within a one-hour driving distance from Mount Union, students may elect to attend a clinical rotation in a more remote area. In these instances, the student will be responsible for costs associated with student housing, if necessary, unless previous arrangements have been made between the University and the clinical rotation site.

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