Eva Laino ‘15

Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Canfield, Ohio

Future Veterinarian or Physician Assistant

Member of The Honors Program, Delta Sigma Tau sorority, Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, inner tube water polo team, intramural volleyball, Raider Guide, Preview Guide and Greek Member Academy


An Abundance of Opportunities
My favorite thing about Mount Union is that there are just so many opportunities here. Since it is a small school, it is easier to hear about organizations on campus and to get involved. With that, there are so many job-related opportunities that this University provides. Mount Union really does care about our success now and after graduation. So many of my friends are receiving opportunities and gaining so much experience that would have been more difficult to get on a larger campus.  Since your advisors get to know you on a closer level, the possibilities of what you can do at Mount Union are endless, which is why it’s such a great school.

The Perfect Major
I always knew that I wanted to do something in the medical field, and so I initially chose biochemistry because it was just one of those majors that seemed to be popular for pre-med students. However, after meeting my advisor and starting classes I knew this was what I was meant to do. Biochemistry provides both the biology and chemistry side of science. Instead of limiting myself by only majoring in one, I get to see how both sides work together. 

An Unlikely Favorite Class
My favorite class so far is Death and Dying, which fulfills a religious studies minor requirement. It sounds morbid, but it has been interesting talking about different religions and their beliefs on life after death.  The class has allowed me to open my eyes to different worlds and the class intrigues me as opposed to just science. I love that I am able to take classes outside of my major just for fun!  Since we are a small, liberal arts school, these opportunities are much more abundant and definitely something of which everyone should take advantage!

Sweeping Views
If I wanted to show a visitor how amazing this campus is, I would take them to the North Reading room in Kolenbrander-Harter Information Center because it provides the best view of the campus. It allows you to look out on the lakes and also towards the Academic Mall where you can see so many of the academic buildings and the beautiful Dewald Chapel. There is no other place on campus that shows you such an inclusive and spectacular view. 

Shadowing Professionals
I am currently studying biochemistry with the plans of either attending veterinary school or physician assistant graduate school following graduation. During the summer, I shadowed both veterinarians and physician assistants to get experience with both fields.  I am getting shadowing experience in both fields to see what I like best, while taking the same courses for each. With biochemistry, I do not have to decide anytime soon what I want to do following graduation because the classes are shaped for both paths.

Mount Union really does care about our success now and after graduation.

To The Top!