Everything They Need

Along with an intellectually challenging education comes real-life opportunities for achievement and personal growth. With study abroad, volunteerism and leadership opportunities at the helm of our educational structure, your student will be prepared for success.

Leadership opportunities are plentiful at Mount Union. The leadership skills and responsibility that our students gain - whether heading up Student Senate or on the field as a team captain - are unsurpassed by other colleges. And the Emerging Leaders program, a leadership initiative that enriches the abilities of students, can help your child build the skills desired by future employers.

Employers also seek individuals who can interact comfortably with others in a broad range of cultures and societies, and the opportunity to study at numerous universities in more than 20 foreign countries through out study abroad program fosters such characteristics. Community service initiatives also provide an opportunity to interact with diverse communities and build leadership skills. As part of our mission, we strive to prepare students for responsible citizenship, and volunteerism to be an active member of the community while empowering them as a learner, leader and achiever.

To The Top!