Dr. Ron Mendel

Teaching Area(s): Exercise Science

I could list the typical clichés about what makes Mount Union unique, but I truly believe that what makes it unique cannot be put into words. It is just a unique feeling one has when they are part of Mount Union. 

Testimonials from Exercise Science Majors

"Being an exercise science major has really taken my interest of health and fitness to a whole new level! The wide variety of classes gave me a chance to understand the human body and really appreciate its abilities. This major has prepared me well for graduate study and a future career in the allied-health field."
Kathy Seitz

"Exercise Science is a diverse major that can open doors to many different types of careers. Whether your goal is graduate study or clinical work, this major will prepare you for success in your chosen field."
Brandon Jarvis

Exercise science gives students within the program a wide range of future career paths. The Department of Exercise Science gives is a close community, working together to make a healthier future America.
Andi VanSickle

"I fell in love with exercise science and the fact that there are so many paths to take with it. The ES professors are outgoing, make the material understandable, despite its difficulty, and are always willing to offer sound advice for whatever problem we present them."
Mandy Wise

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