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Teaching Area(s): Exercise Science

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Exercise Science Seminar Series

The Exercise Science Seminar Series is a sequence of three courses offered during the sophomore, junior and senior years of the curriculum. Each seminar has a unique focus, relevant to the student and where they stand in the curriculum. The series provides standardization on important topics and allows for students to receive the information in a timely and effective manner.

  • Sophomore Seminar: emphasizes professional skills, including written and oral communication specific to the field, networking, mock interviews and becoming involved within the profession at a regional or national level
  • Junior Seminar: geared toward Graduate Track students, focusing on ethical issues, grant writing and the process of applying to a graduate program
  • Senior Seminar: a capstone course that provides students with an open forum to examine current events and discuss how they relate to our major

Students earn one credit hour per seminar. While there is some work required outside of the classroom, the intent of the series is not to be overly rigorous, but practical and applicable to the student’s academic career and overall life skills.

Students in both the Graduate and Applied Tracks are required to take the Sophomore Seminar. Students on the Graduate Track are then required to take the Junior and Senior Seminar, whereas students on the Applied Track are encouraged to enroll in both as elective courses.

Read what out students have to say about the Seminar Series:

"The Junior Seminar gave students an introduction to current ethical issues, the grant writing process, and other topics as they relate to the field of exercise science. We also had the opportunity to listen to various guest speakers in health related fields. The class was very helpful in my educational experience and increased my knowledge in the field of exercise science, which I can use in the future and in my career."

- Derek Hosier '15

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