Faculty Forum Explores Varied Topics

April 06, 2010

Mount Union College held a faculty research forum recently in Chapman Hall.

Dr. Richard Marriott, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the College, served as chairman, and Dr. John Kirchmeyer, professor of computer science & information systems, served as moderator.

Dr. Ricardo Herrera, assistant professor of history, presented. He focused on his own study about American military service and citizenship during the period 1775-1865. The American military was made up of officers, enlisted men, Union and Confederate soldiers and volunteer militia. He analyzed the things that soldiers used to make sense of military service, including letters to family and friends, books, diaries and journals. These items helped soldiers mentally order society as they confronted it.

Through his study, Herrera concluded that war and American character are inseparable.

Dr. James PeroneDr. James Perone, associate professor of music, presented "Recursive Structures in Music." He performed a study about how recursive structures (mathematical patterns) are used in musical compositions. He noted that people write recursive music because they appreciate the organic wholeness that the structures bring to music as well as their reflection of the paradox of nature.

Justin Hastings-Merriman

Justin Hastings-Merriman, lecturer in the English department, also presented. He translated St. Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica from Latin and discussed his interpretation of the text. He talked about the issue of "Romanitas" where pagan people were converted into Roman orthodox Christianity. He also analyzed the rise of the British empire, royalty and religious connections.

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