Faculty of the Department of Engineering

Mount Union’s civil and mechanical engineering majors are taught by top-notch faculty members who are committed to the hands-on education and innovative research that helps to ensure the development of well-rounded and successful engineers.

JadaanDr. Osama Jadaan
Chair of the Department of Engineering
Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University

Jadaan’s research activities include mechanical reliability of microelectromechanical systems, probabilistic design and life prediction of dental prostheses, fatigue assessment via digital prototyping and high velocity impact damage of composite materials. He’s earned faculty fellowships at NASA and Oak Ridge National Lab and consulted for Fortune 500 companies.


BoyalakuntlaDr. Dhanunjay Boyalakuntla
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University

Boyalakuntla is an expert in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), thermal fluid systems, energy conversion and power plant engineering. His scholarly research is focused on modeling and simulation of granular flows, electronics packaging and nuclear fuel development.

KorachDr. Chad Korach
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D., Northwestern University

An expert in mechanical systems, manufacturing and advanced materials, Korach’s scholarly research has focused on tribology, composites and nanoscale systems. He has experience in the paper industry, at the U.S. Department of Defense and in national laboratories.

MugaDr. Helen Muga
Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering
Ph.D., Michigan Technological University

An expert in environmental engineering, Muga’s research is focused on chemical, biological and physical separation processes for water and wastewater treatment; international development work; and sustainable/green engineering. Her current research is on low-cost water treatment systems for the developing world and alternative energy.


TriticoDr. Hans Tritico
Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering
Ph.D., University of Michigan

An expert in water resources engineering, fish passage engineering and stream restoration, his scholarly research has focused on the effects of turbulence on aquatic systems. He also has experience as a private consultant and with the Department of Energy National Labs.

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