Abigail Bartoszewicz ‘17

Major: Integrated Media
Hometown:Wesford, PA

I am learning so much in the field I am studying, and I am already getting help from my professors to find doors that will open up to internships and job opportunities.

FAQs About State Senate

  • How do I get involved with Student Senate?
    If you want to get involved with Student Senate, you have two options: class representative or an organization representative. Several representatives are elected from their class each year. Each organization recognized by Student Senate is allowed to send one Senator to represent them. For more information please contact Bridget Dennis (dennisbm@mountunion.edu ), vice president of Student Senate. Back to List
  • How does my organization get recognized by Student Senate?
    If your organization is recognized and on file with the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership, but is not yet represented in Student Senate, the group then petition for membership. In order to do this, contact the Student Senate Parliamentarian, Clinton Simmons (simmoncw@mountunion.edu) to present the Committee on Student Senate. Oce the presentation is scheduled and completed, the organization's membership is brought to a vote at a general body meeting of the Student Senate. Back to List
  • How do I request funds from Student Senate?
    If you or your organization would like to request funds from Student Senate, contact the Appropriations Chairman, Brian Strawser (strawsbe@mountunion.edu), who schedules a time for you to meet with the Appropriations Committee. Organizations and/or individuals are asked to submit the Request for Appropriations and then give a presentation before the Committee outlining you request, as well as answer any questions that the Committee may have for you. The Committee prepares a recommendation on how much money should be appropriated, and make their recommendation at the next full body meeting for a vote.
    • I have an idea of something that can be done on campus. How do I let Senate know?
      You can email the Campus Life Chairman, Jesse Wynn, wynnjt@mountunion.edu, or use the online suggestion box located on iRaider. You can also provide your idea to the President of Student Senate, Caitie Shimp, by email - shimpcm@mountunion.edu Back to List
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