FERPA Policy

The Office of Academic Support abides by all federal laws related to the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which restricts our office from providing academic progress updates to anyone other than the respective student. As a result, interested persons who wish to learn about a student’s academic progress must communicate with that respective student to have them visit our office and complete an office specific FERPA agreement form. The student is within their legal right to place any person that they choose on that form, and the Office of Academic Support will only communicate office specific information and academic progress updates with the individual(s) listed on the student’s FERPA Agreement Form. Students will also be contacted whenever an individual from their FERPA Agreement Form has requested or received updates related to their specific academic progress.

Once a FERPA form is completed with our office, is remains valid forever, however, the student may also rescind that agreement at any time of their choosing. All FERPA Agreement forms must be completed by the student, in the presence of a staff member from the Office of Academic Support.

For additional clarification, or to schedule a meeting and complete the FERPA Agreement Form, please contact the Office of Academic Support at academicsupport@mountunion.edu, or by calling the Director of Academic Support at 330-823-3146.

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