Fifth Annual TGIFriday Job and Internship Fair Held at Mount Union

November 04, 2008

Mount Union College recently hosted TGI Friday Job & Internship Fair where prospective employers were given the opportunity to visit campus and talk with students who are interested in jobs or internships.

In addition to talking with prospective employers about career opportunities, the students were able to gain valuable feedback on skills that will be important when they enter the professional world upon graduation.

This is the fifth year that on-campus job fairs have been taking place. Rebecca Doak, director of career development, commented that the student turnout was steady all day. “I am overwhelmed with the selection of employers and very grateful to the faculty,” said Doak.

With 50 to 60 recruiters, The TGI Friday Job & Internship Fair held opportunities for all majors. Alumnus Kyle Lott, who represented First Energy Corp. at the Fair, commented that it was a unique opportunity to come back and share his experiences and his own transition into the work force.  He spent his afternoon giving advice on applying for jobs, interviewing and resume building.  “Mount Union definitely prepares you to pursue a career in the business world,” Lott said.

Vickie Anderson, a representative for the Federal Bureau of Investigation commented, “I was very impressed with the students.  They were all very personable, good speakers, asked excellent questions and all seemed very goal-oriented.  We would definitely come back.”

One student who met all of these criteria was Brent Crawford, a junior accounting major of Canton.  Tim Smucker, co-owner of Smucker’s: Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Recipes and More, surprised Crawford by sending job fair representatives to the college to speak to him when he heard that Crawford was interested in an internship.  Crawford had spoken to a co-worker about the idea, who then reported his interest to Smucker.  Crawford commented, “That is networking at its best!  Smucker’s is ranked one of the top 100 companies to work for!”  He spoke with the Smucker’s representatives at the job fair and was guaranteed an interview.

The event was free and open to all students and alumni. About 160 people attended on Friday, which was a new record for the event.

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