Mikayla Kovacik ‘17

Major: Religious Studies and Music
Hometown:Jewett, OH

A liberal arts education is preparing me to be well rounded, and I believe that will be a great attribute when looking for a job.

Financial Issues


We recommend that students open a bank account at a local bank after arrival in Alliance. During International Student Orientation, time is set aside to open an account. You can deposit some money in the form of cash and travelers' checks; additional funds can be wired from overseas soon afterward.


Students are strongly urged to bring traveler's checks and not to carry large amounts of cash. However, students can get cash for incidental needs from ATMs (Automated telling machines, money dispensers). Most ATM's in the US will accept credit or bank cards with the "PLUS," "Cirrus," "NCE," or "Yankee 24" Logo.

We advise students to expect to spend $500 to $800 to cover such one-time expenses as textbooks for the semester, linens, newspapers or magazines, and other miscellaneous items including toiletries, desk lamps, and other personal articles. Payment can be made by credit card, traveler's check or cash. Once you establish a bank account, you can also pay for tuition or other expensive items by check. Photo identification (such as a passport or U. S. driver's license/Ohio State ID) is always required to cash a check. You may also apply for a non-driver Identification card at the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles. 

Payment of Advanced Deposit and educational expenses to Mount Union:

After acceptance to the University of Mount Union, you will need to pay an Advanced Deposit of $150 to secure your place in the class. The deposit is refundable until May 1.

The preferred method of paying for paying the deposit is via Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit cards as there is usually no fee to you associated with this transaction and the exchange rates are usually favorable.

Click here to learn more about paying your deposit online.

If you would like to electronically wire funds for the deposit or for educational expenses from your bank to Mount Union's bank, please contact the Office of International Recruitment and Admission directly for the routing numbers. This method of payment, while fast and convenient, can be expensive.

Students can also use international money orders that are for US dollars or international cashiers checks for US dollars.

Payment Plan

Mount Union does not expect you to pay all your fees at once and offers the option for you to pay your fees via several payment plans. 

Payment Methods

Details to enroll in payment plans are available on the Office of Business Affairs website. A statement of the semester's charges will be sent to students at their billing address in July and December. Monthly statements will be sent to the home and also are available electronically on Self-Service. Each statement will contain the amount due for tuition charges and other miscellaneous fees that were added during the month. Any charges not included on the Payment Plan should be paid within 30 days of billing. Tuition balances not paid by September 30 will receive up to a $70 late payment fee (except those who signed up for the monthly payment plan).

How is Financial Aid Applied?

Financial aid is credited directly to a student's account. The exceptions would be the University Campus Employment program and outside scholarships that outside agencies award directly to recipients. Estimated financial aid is not credited until the funds are actually received by the University.

Campus Employment

Earnings under the Campus Employment Program are paid to students by check each month. Do not use campus employment earnings in calculating your payment plan amount. Payments can be adjusted accordingly if campus employment pay checks are applied to the students account. The University reserves the right to apply campus employment pay checks directly to the student's account if there is an outstanding balance.

Cashier's Office

The Cashier's Office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. With proper picture identification, personal checks may be cashed up to a limit of $50. Any checks over $50, but not exceeding $500, can be approved by the Cashier to be cashed at our local bank. A $30 fee will be charged for checks that are returned from your bank for non-sufficient funds.

Student Identification Cards

New students are photographed for their permanent picture ID card. Students on the University meal plan must present this card at each meal. The card is also to be presented at the library, movie theaters, and student events. ID cards are not transferable. If lost, the card is canceled and a new card will be issued in the ID Office in the Hoover Price Campus Center upon payment of the appropriate fee.

Loss of Personal Property

The University of Mount Union assumes no financial responsibility for the loss of personal property by theft, fire or other causes.

What Happens if my Account is Delinquent?

  • A hold will be placed on all transcript requests.
  • A hold will be placed on grades.
  • Students cannot participate in graduation or Senior Salute until balance is paid in full.
  • 1% late charges will be assessed monthly to past due balances.
  • Students will not be permitted to register for classes.
  • Students will not be permitted to participate in the housing lottery.
  • If balance is not paid by end of semester a student cannot be hired for summer campus employment.

General Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from school between the time of arrival on campus and the beginning of classes shall be entitled to a full refund of tuition, fees, room and meal plan paid, with the exception of an early withdrawal fee of $100. Students withdrawing from school after the start of classes, with the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, are subject to a pro rata refund policy.

Details are available on both of these policies from the Office of Business Affairs, Office of Financial Services or in the current Course Catalogue.


If you have any questions, contact the Office of Business Affairs at 1-800-992-6682, extension 6557. If you have questions regarding financial aid ask for extension 2674.


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