First Class of Engineering Grads


Shannon Guernsey ’14
Mechanical Engineering Major
Houston, PA

My favorite undergraduate research project has to be the senior design project my team and I have been working on all year. Our project deals with fairings for flatbed trailers, so in the early stages, we spent a lot of time figuring out what fairings did and which options already existed. We also got to conduct our own research, which allowed us to learn a variety of software programs. I love teaching myself new things, so this whole process has been very exciting!


Kristen Gromes '14
Mechanical Engineering and Art Major
Navarre, OH

My group’s senior design capstone presented us with an opportunity to have a direct impact on society, work with industry, apply classroom knowledge and run advanced software programs and lab equipment. My favorite part has been working together with my team to make connections between theoretical and experimental analysis and receiving the “full effect” of seeing a project unfold from a concept to a product.

BryanBryan Pike '14
Mechanical Engineering Major
Chagrin Falls, OH

While doing volunteer work through my fraternity, I bumped into the president of H-P Products – Mr. Allen Green ’77. He set me up with an interview, and a few months later, I had an internship in H-P’s tubular engineering department. My favorite part is getting to know my fellow co-workers as they mentor me through any growing pains. This internship has introduced industry work and expected standards that will only help and prepare me for future work.

Cy Guertal '14Cy
Mechanical Engineering Major
Canton, OH

I’ve been working with a team on designing and building a single-seat, all-terrain sporting vehicle for Baja SAE, an intercollegiate engineering design competition. I’ve enjoyed learning new things and testing out ideas that can’t be tested in a traditional classroom. This has added a great deal of value to my engineering experience because it takes you through the whole process, from initial research and design to the hands-on work of actually building the vehicle.


Jeremy Walker '14
Civil Engineering Major
Salem, OH

My internship with the Ohio Department of Transportation has been an invaluable experience – everything from seeing how the construction world really operates to seeing how a project goes from AutoCAD plans on a computer to a working structure. You can only learn so much from a textbook, and without experiencing it out in the field, you will never really know how a project takes shape.


John Laux '14
Civil Engineering Major
Pittsburgh, PA

Having the opportunity to travel abroad and work with the students of Belize was one of the best experiences I have had in my life. The trip gave our class a real-life experience of how working on a job site would feel. This was an opportunity that allowed me to take what I have learned in the classroom and apply it to a real-life situation.


Amanda Turner '14
Civil Engineering Major
Wooster, OH

The international field experience allowed me to apply classroom knowledge to a real-world setting, which I really enjoyed. Many do not have the chance to take advantage of the opportunity to design a project for Belize and then have the chance to go to that country and help with the construction.


Mitchell Phillips '14Mitchell
Civil Engineering Major
Galion, OH

I am a hands-on learner, so lab and field experiences really helped me to understand what was behind all the math and calculation. They also helped bridge the gap between the classroom and real-life situations. In fact, my favorite hands-on experience has been our trip to Belize. This experience showed me that even if you think you’ve planned for every scenario, you need to be prepared to deal with the unknowns that pop up.


Alina Selby '14
Mechanical Engineering Major
Finleyville, PA

As juniors, engineering students had the opportunity to develop a product from its beginning stages to its first prototype. The product my group chose was an idea from the University’s Department of Economics, Accounting and Business Administration. We worked on developing and designing a product that was to the specification of the business students. This project helped us gain invaluable experience working with others of a different expertise, something that happens often in an engineer’s career.

Neal Seaman '14Neal
Mechanical Engineering Major
Louisville, OH

Being able to communicate well is a strong quality that engineers must possess. Throughout the course of my Mount Union experience, I have sufficiently increased my skills in terms of leadership and communication, which can be credited to our extensive group and individual projects.

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