First International Art Auction at Mount Union College a Success

April 05, 2010

The art auction at Mount Union College featuring 47 open air paintings from artists at Kursk State University, in Kursk, Russia, raised $7,611 to fund future international art projects.

In 1997, Dr. Frank Triplett, professor of French, began his travels to Kursk as one of the many international programs at the College. In the nine years since his first travel to Kursk, other Mount Union faculty and staff have traveled with him to experience the culture of Russian society.In his first year of travel to the school, Triplett noticed the great deal of talent associated with the artists at the university.Triplett, along with other Mount Union ambassadors, had the opportunity to watch these Russian artists paint first-hand, outside in the courtyards, the artwork that was auctioned off last night.

'The Russian artists work tirelessly with little or no compensation. Our efforts to expand their collection outside of Russia will in turn give both them, and us, a reward through their work," said Triplett.

Dr. Frank Triplett Speaking at the International Art Auction

With the help of two private donors, we were able to finance the purchase and shipping of the paintings to the College, he added. "With the compensation from the auction, we plan to fund future international art exhibits at the College.'

According to the rector of Kursk State University, 'The exhibition is a very special event as it gives a chance for the faculty and students and people in Ohio to get familiar with Russian culture and nature.'

'Deciding which paintings to purchase was a group process,' said Robert Buganski, chair of the Department of Art. 'We all were able to input our thoughts on the individual pieces and we came back with forty-seven pieces of high quality art work.'

Triplett added that artwork from both Costa Rica and China are options the school is thinking about for future endeavors.

Kursk State University is located in Kursk, Russia and offers 57 different departments to over 10,000 students. The school was founded in 1902 by Catherine the Great and has, over the years, developed into the Russian University it is today.

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