Desiree Erchick '17

Major: Japanese and French
Hometown:Alliance, OH

Mount Union provides wonderful opportunities to experience the world around you, whether it's studying abroad, spring break trips or volunteering in different communities.

About the Foreign Language Minors

In our global society, a knowledge of other languages, cultures and traditions is increasingly important, and this understanding is sought by employers across our nation and around the world. Our foreign language minor programs offer the opportunity for students to make themselves more marketable in our global society and will prepare them for careers in a variety of fields.

Foreign language graduates have found success working in organizations including the Paper of Thomas Jefferson, Management Science Associates and Conrad Hilton Foundation and World Vision.

The minor programs in Foreign Language are administered by the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures, which also offers major programs in Spanish, French, German and Japanese, and a minor in Chinese.

You may also want to check out our majors in English, writing and international affairs and diplomacy.

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