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The Tuition Payment Agreement is the financial agreement and legal obligation between the student and the University. The agreement needs to be signed by every student and returned to the Office of Business Affairs by July 31, 2014.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): Under Federal Law, the student must provide names of persons authorized to discuss the students billing account with the Office of Business Affairs.

Federal regulations require the University to secure authorization to maintain a credit balance on any student account receiving Federal Title IV Authorization funds. Signing this form authorizes the University to use the funds to pay any charges incurred on the student account each semester and to pay expected future charges within the current year.

1098T forms are mailed each January to students enrolled during the prior calendar year. This form is needed to claim a tax credit under the American Opportunity or Lifetime Learning Tax Credit.

The University Payroll Authorization authorizes the University to apply work-study earnings directly to the student's outstanding balance.