Dr. Bertrand Landry

Dr. Bertrand Landry

Teaching Area(s): French

The best part of teaching is when a student smiles at me and tells me, “I get it.”

Careers for French Majors

What can you do with a French major? The possibilities are limitless.

French is a true global language as native speakers of the language can be found on every continent around the world. According to the Alliance Francaise, French has more than 200 million native speakers, and it is the second language of millions more. In Europe, it is spoken in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. It also is an official language of Canada and spoken in the Caribbean.

French is also an influential language in the world of business. In fact, France is home to more than 2,000 subsidiaries of American companies, and French companies operate more than 600 subsidiaries in the United States. In addition, the Alliance Francaise has identified more than 800,000 jobs in the United States that require French. Major corporations with headquarters or subsidiaries in the United States and France include Du Pont, Hewlett-Packard, Xerox, Apple Computer, Michelin, Renault, Bic and many more.

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