Dr. Bertrand Landry

Dr. Bertrand Landry

Teaching Area(s): French

The best part of teaching is when a student smiles at me and tells me, “I get it.”

French Major Learning Objectives

The French major requirements at Mount Union focus on several different aspects of the French culture. French majors will gain speaking, reading, listening and writing skills of the French language. The living patterns, social structure and value systems of the French culture will be discussed along with French literatures. Students will be able to understand the cultures and civilizations of French speaking people along with an understanding of the careers and professions available to French majors. Lastly, students will spend a period of time living and learning in France to experience the culture first hand.

Student organizations for French majors include Alpha Mu Gamma, the foreign language honorary society, French Culture Club and the Association of International Students. French major graduates can choose from career opportunities such as public relations, teaching, business, social work, government service, scientific research, various technical occupations and legal and medical services. Many French major students also continue on to graduate study after obtaining their undergraduate degree from Mount Union.

Foreign Language Learning Objectives

  • Students will demonstrate the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to function in an environment where French is used exclusively.  Students will demonstrate speaking, listening, reading, and writing in French at the ACTFL Advanced-Low Level.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the cultures and civilizations of the principal groups of people who speak French, from a variety of perspectives, including the historical, geographical, sociopolitical, literary and artistic.
  • Students will demonstrate an awareness of the relevance of foreign languages to professions and careers.
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