Freshman Orientation Important Step for New Students

April 07, 2010

In preparation for the beginning of a new academic year at Mount Union College, the freshman class has arrived on campus a few days before the start of classes to participate in a four day orientation program.


"Orientation is an important step in a student's preparation for college, and these four days are purposefully directed to assure that they will have a smooth transition," said Karla Devlin, a senior from Youngstown and a student coordinator for the Fall Orientation Program.

This year, the Orientation Program includes an element of community service.

"To help foster the Mount Union College Mission Statement, which states that we will 'prepare students for meaningful work, fulfilling lives and responsible citizenship,' students will be participating in a service project at various locations in the community," said Devlin. "This is also in response to President Bush's national campaign asking all college and university campuses to make service a part of their orientation activities."

The students will be working in various locations, including the Humane Society, the Alliance Senior Center, local nursing homes and Alliance Community Hospital. They will be participating in the clean-up of parks and other area locations, the collection of non-perishable items to benefit various community organizations and painting and cleaning at an area church.

Throughout the four days, the freshmen will also have the opportunity to meet with faculty in various academic departments, learn about the services and opportunities available to them at Mount Union, meet with residence hall staff and enjoy some social events, such as a student mixer.

"We want to challenge the members of the class of 2006 to help out with community projects in this extensive effort to 'give back,'" said Devlin.

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