From High School to Honda - Inspiring Stories Fall/Winter 2017

December 21, 2017

Cameron SenhauserBY: Abbey Schlanz '18

When many students arrive at college, they are uncertain about the field of study they want to pursue. This was not the case for Cameron Senhauser ’18 of Powell, Ohio. A self-professed “gearhead,” Senhauser has been interested in working on cars since high school, and this interest led him to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. 

“My dream has always been to work for a large automotive company, and that’s what really made me pursue mechanical engineering,” he said. “I think being a chief engineer in charge of the design of a car or an engine would be pretty cool.”

Senhauser originally came to Mount Union because of its men’s lacrosse team, but as he learned more about the University, the Department of Engineering impressed him. He became interested in the extracurricular activities it offered, such as the Engineering Club and the Society of Automotive Engineers’ Baja racing team of which he is now president. Senhauser encourages other engineering students to get involved with these organizations as well.

“Get involved. When you’re in an internship interview, the experience gives you a lot of firepower,” he said. “It shows what you did outside of class instead of just your grades. You can say ‘Well I worked on the Baja car, and I designed the suspension,’ and then you can talk for hours about that.” 

The experiences Senhauser has had at Mount helped him land an internship with Honda last year. Senhauser attributes his education at Mount Union to helping him be successful in his internship.

“A lot of the communication projects, like presentations, made me more comfortable as a speaker, and I think that helped me out throughout the internship,” Senhauser said. “Also, because Honda is a Japanese company, the Japanese culture class I took gave me other interesting topics to talk about in the interview.” 

Of course, Senhauser’s engineering classes prepared him the most for the technical work. His advanced engineering courses influenced his decisions when working on designs for cars, making him feel more confident. Senhauser also attributes this success to his professors, who are always willing to help with questions he has outside of the classroom.

Dr. Chad Korach, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, is Senhauser’s favorite professor. Korach says the best part of his job is interacting with the students, and his proudest moment is when students graduate and land their first jobs as engineers. With Senhauser, Korach can be extra proud because, thanks to the Honda internship, Senhauser has already landed his first job even though graduation is still months away.

After Commencement, Senhauser will be heading to Honda’s Research and Development location in Raymond, Ohio, just outside of Marysville. Although he is looking forward to this opportunity, Senhauser is also looking forward to seeing how the Department of Engineering will continue to grow.

“I think it’s good that the department is adding electrical, computer, and biomedical engineering as majors,” he said. “Those are areas where professions are growing, and I think that’s great for Mount Union. We’re taking a step toward having an even better engineering program.” 

Still, for Senhauser, Commencement can’t come soon enough. Once he trades in his cap and gown for a Honda polo shirt, he will be one step closer to his dream of being a chief automotive designer.

“I’m excited,” he said. “I’m ready to have a job, start making money, and start ‘adulting.’ Engineering hasn’t been easy, but it’s definitely rewarding.”

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