General Manager of Microsoft Research Speaks at Mount Union College

April 08, 2010

David Williams, general manager of Microsoft Research, presented 'The challenges of turning ideas into reality' on Friday, April 13 at Mount Union College.

Williams gave a brief history of computer science and discussed both Microsoft and Microsoft Research.

'When it comes to technology, you may build it but it might not be a success,' said Williams. 'Many cultural and other issues can affect technology.'

Williams shared many of the new and upcoming projects that Microsoft is working on, including one in which Microsoft and Scripps Howard Research are teaming up to make cancer a manageable disease.

'It's not about the software,' said Williams. 'It's about who uses it and how it is used. Only you (students) can build great software and programs.'

He addressed the issue of the decreasing number of computer science majors in college as well as the future of the computer science field and how it affects the general population.

'Scientists, artists and engineers don't create the future. We create the intellectual and raw materials from which the future can be built,' said Williams.

Williams began his career in 1978 as a PC service technician. As a general manager in Microsoft Research, William's responsibilities include intellectual property development, computer architecture projects and software emulation projects.

Prior to working with Microsoft Research he was responsible for computer architecture strategy and development for the Windows Operating System Division. He holds three patents and has 14 pending. He has been with Microsoft for 15 years.

Williams also attended a luncheon with department faculty and selected students and met with a computer science class before the lecture.

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