Geology Learning Objectives

Geology is the science of the Earth: its composition, structure, minerals, processes, products and history. Students will combine a solid foundation in geological science with practical field skills as a geology major at Mount Union.

Students can enter geology career fields such as environmental geoscience, oil and gas industry, hydrogeology, mining and minerals, federal and state governments and education. The geology major requirements will also prepare students for graduate school.

Geology degree students have the classroom and laboratory essentials required for functional learning in Bracy Hall, a $23 million natural sciences facility which opened in the fall of 2003.
Laboratories include, X-ray diffractometry, scanning, electron microscopy, optical petrographic microscopy, microscopic image analysis, and specimen preparation.

Students can participate in field trips to the Appalachian Mountains and the Adirondack Mountains and have internships at local oil, coal and environmental consulting companies and summer field camps.

If studying the materials, processes and history of the Earth interests you, check out the geology major at Mount Union today!

Geology Learning Objectives

  • Students will demonstrate acceptable knowledge of geologic information by scoring a minimum grade on a standardized test of geologic knowledge during their senior year.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to correctly interpret geologic maps.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to identify and explain the formation of a suite of common rocks and rock-forming minerals.
  • Students will demonstrate their ability to read, write and speak cogently using the language of geology.

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