Gerald R. Ford

Former President Gerald R. Ford headlined Mount Union's inaugural Schooler Lecture Series program for the 1988 academic year.

President Ford presented lectures in conjunction with the theme "The Future of Democracy." Ford presented his lecture Wednesday, September 28, in the Timken Physical Education Building.

The Schooler Lecture Series is made possible as the result of a gift from the Schooler Foundation provided by Mr. and Mrs. Seward Schooler of Coschocton, Ohio, to the College's Foundation for Tomorrow Campaign. The intent of the Lecture Series is to bring major speakers to campus to address an annual theme.

President Ford has an impressive record of distinguished and devoted service to the nation. As a Congressman for 25 years he had an active role in shaping the direction of his country and as the 38th President of the United States, following the resignation of Richard M. Nixon in 1974, he restored the confidence of the American people in their government at one of the most critical and extraordinary periods in American history.

After his term in the White House ended in 1977, President Ford continued to serve as an elder statesman speaking on major issues of the day and lending his expertise to both the public and private sectors.

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