Marrianna White '16

Major: Psychology
Hometown:Macedonia, OH

I think the combination of a liberal arts education and professional preparation makes for a versatile student who can bring a lot of different things to the table.

Getting Started

The University of Mount Union is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to thrive in new cultural and academic settings, which is why every year staff and faculty work together to send UMU students abroad. Students participate in a variety of approved programs at nearly 50 different universities in 29 foreign countries for a summer, semester, or full academic year. Through study abroad, students acquire invaluable academic skills and participate in field studies and/or internship programs in unique locations around the world.

There are several benefits of studying abroad while at Mount Union. First, you will learn how to adapt to a new environment, a skill that will help you both personally and professionally. Additionally, since study abroad allows you to step outside of your “comfort zone” by interacting with people from other cultures, you will make yourself highly marketable to employers because you will become a culturally competent individual. Most importantly, you will expand your understanding of yourself and the world.

To The Top!