8 Things to Know and Do to get IT Started

1  Email

Includes 25gb of storage

  • To login from the web, navigate to https://mail.office365.com/mountunion.edu.
  • To setup email on your Phone or Tablet, here’s a few tips:
    • The type of server is Exchange, not POP or IMAP
    • Android Phones usually refer to this as Corporate or ActiveSync
    • Your username is your full Mount Union email address (smithjr@mountunion.edu)
    • The server is m.outlook.com
    • For more detailed instructions, click here.

2  Password

Expires every 90 days

  • Your password should be at least 8 characters and include 3 of the following: UPPERCASE, lowercase, Symbol, Number.
  • You cannot use 3 consecutive letters from your name.
  • Prone to forgetting your password? Register for the reset tool at password.mountunion.edu.

3  Self-Service

Register for classes, see end of term grades

  • Go to selfservice.mountunion.edu and login, the first time you’ll be asked to confirm your identity.
  • Parents are able get a login as well, look for Shared Access under the My Profile tab to set it up.

 4  Office for Free

This includes laptops, tablets, and phones

  • To install on your laptop, log into your email, click the gear in the top right, and click Office 365 Settings. On the left click Software, then in the lower middle click Install.
  • On a Tablet/Phone download Word, Excel and PowerPoint from the app store and login with your UMU Email address and Password.

 5  Laptop Standards

What to buy in a Mac or PC

  • For most we recommend an Intel i3, i5 or i7 processor, 8GB of Memory (RAM), 13-15” screen, and 4 year warranty to ensure the laptop lasts your Mount Union career.
  • You are also eligible for Discounts through Dell and Apple.

 6  Mobile App

 Available for iOS and Android

Search for Mount Union in the App Store or click the appropriate link below.

Note: You must log into Self-Service once before you are able to log into the app.

 7  Portal Login

From your personal computer

  • When logging into Portal (iRaider) type campus\ before your username. (Example: campus\smithjr)

8  Brightspace (D2L)

Learning Management System

  • Access to login will be given the week before classes start.
  • The online component to your classes at UMU. Found at d2l.mountunion.edu.


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