Gravity Rules

April 08, 2010

Four Mount Union College students celebrated the upcoming summer break, including graduation for some, by treating themselves to the thrill of a lifetime ' skydiving. Sophomore Adam Sues of Green joined Seniors Amanda Buzzacco of Youngstown, Andrew Davis of Bellaire and Steve Watson of Solon, as they each took a chance learning the rules of gravity at Canton Air Sports in Alliance.

Senior Andrew Davis Parachuting

As a graduation gift to herself, Buzzacco said she was skydiving, "so I can say I've done it before." Although Buzzacco was very nervous about the event, Davis said, "I wasn't nervous at all because we each had to wait around so long." The weather was not cooperating and the group waited hours for clouds to part and proper conditions to arise.

Buzzacco was the first to take flight, with Watson and the others following about an hour later. As each student landed on the ground, the excitement was obvious. "That was amazing," said Buzzacco. "Simply amazing."

Although Davis was not initially nervous, he said looking down from the plane was the most frightening part. "I said a Hail Mary and all of the sudden we did a little spin and fell out of the plane," said Davis. "We were free falling for about 15 seconds."

Sues was also frightened when he peaked through the plane's hatch but said, "The sun was starting to set and there was a break in the clouds and I could actually see the rays of the sun hitting down." With a view of Alliance and Mount Union College, Sues said after pulling the parachute cord, it was a very peaceful fall. "There was no wind and no sound. It was completely silent as I fell."

Students had a trained skydiving instructor fly tandem with them as they fell from the plane. Before jumping, an instruction video showed them how to land and what position to assume when falling.

The four students said it was worth the wait and the money. "I would go again in a second," said Sues. "There isn't anything like it."

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