Kerstin Vaughn

Kerstin Vaughn '19

Major: Theatre/Communication Studies
Hometown:Norton, Ohio

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Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium

The University of Mount Union is the new home of the Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium’s Acting Technique Certified Actor and Teacher Training Program in addition to being the newest member of the consortium.

Michael Chekhov, the Russian-born theatre practitioner and nephew of playwright Anton Chekhov, is considered to be one of the greatest actors of the 20th century. Following an exceptional career in the theatre, he was invited to Hollywood in 1942, where he became an acting coach to movie stars like Yul Brenner, Gregory Peck, Patricia Neal and a young Clint Eastwood, while continuing his career in film.

His book “To The Actor,” published in 1953, is still considered an important book in the training of actors and continues to be widely read and used in training programs all over the world.

The Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium is the only entity of its kind to be sponsored by an institution of higher learning that certifies teachers in the training first created by Michael Chekhov.

Other universities included in the consortium are Case Western Reserve; University of Windsor School of Dramatic Art; Wayne State University; Converse College; Marshall University; University of The Pacific and Fairmont State University.

Mount Union is thrilled to be a part of the important work that GLMCC is doing to train the next generation of theatre artists in the work of Michael Chekhov.

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