Green Revolving Fund

In 2016, the University of Mount Union’s Board of Trustees showed a continuing commitment to sustainability by approving a Green Revolving Fund (GRF) to be used for energy-related projects on campus.  The internal fund will be used to cycle back savings from energy efficiency improvements to fund new projects in the future.  If you have an idea for a potential project please e-mail,  

Green Revolving Fund Project Suggestion Form

2016 Completed Projects 

  1. Light switch motion detectors.  Sensors would turn off the lights when areas are not being used. 
    Project cost is $10,000 allowance (100 sensors @ $100 each). 
    Energy savings is estimated to be $52/year per sensor. 
    Payback is 1.9 years

  2. Bracy Hall chemistry lab fume hood retrofit in P-Chem lab 332.
    Project cost is $9,500.
    Energy savings is estimated to be $5,500/year.
    Payback is 1.7 years.

  3. Mount Union’s in-house Bracy Hall total building lighting retrofit to LED.
    Project cost is $36,872 for materials only; all installation labor by Physical Plant staff.
    Energy savings is estimated to be $16,616/year.
    Payback is 2.2 years.
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