Hall Explains France Does Really Matter

October 26, 2011

Dr. Jennifer Hall, chair of the Department of Foreign Languages and cultures, faculty director of the Center for Global Education and associate professor of foreign languages and cultures at the University of Mount Union, presented Does France Really Matter? on Tuesday, October 25 at the LINC Luncheon.
Hall’s presentation focused on the relevance of France in today’s global marketplace. Many in France continue to hold steadfast to the idea of French exceptionalism, and in her presentation she explained how the French view themselves versus how they are actually viewed.
Hall provided statistical as well as relevant articles that highlighted the power France provides to the European Nations as well as the global market. 
“France is often known as the best travel destination, top retirement location and the healthiest nation, among many other similar accolades,” said Hall.  “However, it is not as widely known that France is the fifth largest exporter globally, topping many including the United States.”
With the election of Nicolas Sarkozy, France has truly started to debunk the myth that they are not a player in the field of globalization. Sarkozy, who has a business background, has made many advances to catapult France as the number two European country that supports the European Nations.
“The paradox shift that Sarkozy has brought to the country has opened the eyes of many who have doubted France’s ability to compete in the world market,” said Hall.  “Ironically, the paradox shift is that the United States is now facing many of the problems that France has evolved from.”
Hall also pointed out that foreign language education is more important now than ever before. Companies are often soliciting graduates with a foreign language background to help them thrive in the global market place.
In closing, Hall indicated that France is always easy to be criticized but often many stand in awe of the French’s way of joie de vivre, which means joy of life in French.
A member of the Mount Union faculty since 1999, Hall earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and sociology from Beloit College, a Master of Arts degree in French from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in French from The Ohio State University. 
Prior to joining the faculty at Mount Union, Hall was a graduate teaching supervisor and a graduate teaching associate at Ohio State where she taught elementary, intermediate and intensive French language courses. She also served as a language coordinator for Lucent Technologies in Deville-les-Rouen, France. While abroad, she taught English classes for French business executives, translated documents from French to English and served as an interpreter. Hall also served as a credit teacher for Concordia Language Villages where she taught an intensive high school credit program within a French language and culture immersion program. In this role, she was responsible for scope and sequence, assessment and curriculum development.
The community luncheon series known as LINC (lunch, information, networking and conversation) was conceived to take advantage of the local expertise from Mount Union’s faculty and staff that exists in Alliance, in light of the University’s exceptional academic reputation. This is an opportunity to gain practical knowledge on current topics from local experts and a chance to interact with members of the University and greater Alliance community.
The sessions are open to the public and will run from noon until 1 p.m. during the third Tuesday of the months of September, October, November, January, February and March. The cost of each lunch is $10, but a discounted season ticket is available for $50. Payment will be accepted at the door, but space is limited.
An additional session will be held on November 22 featuring Dr. Ronald Mendel. Mendel, who serves as associate professor of human performance and sport business and director of the Exercise Science Program at Mount Union, will discuss Fit or Fat?
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