Hannah Ernst Shares Passion for Mount Union

March 09, 2016

By Jaime Eyssen

On a small campus such as Mount Union, it is easy to make connections and friendships with everyone, something that is very important to senior athletic training major Hannah Ernst of Lorain, Ohio.

Ernst is the former president of Alpha Chi Omega, a member of the Athletic Training Club and a Preview and Orientation guide student coordinator. She also was a coordinator on the University’s wilderness trip. Through all of these involvements, Ernst is able to share her energetic spirit and passion for Mount Union.

“I really like getting to know a lot of different people. I like to hear everybody’s stories because everyone is so different and unique,” Ernst said.  “That’s why I like Preview and Orientation so much because I am able to share my Mount Union story with incoming students, hoping that they will fall in love with Mount as much as I did.”

Not only does she enjoy hearing others’ stories, but Ernst knows as a Preview and Orientation guide how important it is to make a positive impact on incoming students and the campus community as a whole.

“I think being able to be a positive influence right off the bat really sticks with some people, especially for young women coming in who weren’t really as involved in high school or were shy,” Ernst said. “It’s important to show them that you do grow a lot in college.”

And Ernst herself has learned many lessons that have helped her grow.

“I think it is really important to be your own person because everyone is unique and a lot of times women are afraid of being judged and don’t do their own thing because that’s not what’s popular,” Ernst said. “But at the same time, those are the people who really make a difference.”

Another lesson that Ernst has learned through her many leadership experiences on campus is that being a leader often times involves making difficult decisions.

“Sometimes you do have to stand against the grain,” Ernst said. “Sometimes the thing that is right is not necessarily the easiest and you can’t be afraid to make those difficult decisions or have those difficult conversations.”

Ernst’s connections don’t stop there. As an athletic training major, she is able to work directly with members of different athletic teams on campus.

“Its really awesome to be involved with different athletic teams,” Ernst said. 

With a class size of seven graduating athletic training seniors, Ernst is able to make connections in the classroom as well.

“Having that small class size really helps to have things individualized,” Ernst said.  “You get so comfortable with one another that you are not afraid to throw out any answer and I learned that it is okay to be wrong.”

Ernst not only enjoys hearing the stories from her fellow athletic training majors and Alpha Chi Omega sisters but from individuals in other majors and other Greek organizations as well.

“I think it is important to not be afraid to talk to people outside your own group, especially with fraternity and sorority life,” Ernst says. “There are so many other incredible leaders on campus that might not be in your own organization.”

As for her future, Ernst is keeping her options open and is confident that great experiences will come her way.

“The more you get to experience something, the more comfortable you become,” Ernst said. “I think that that has helped me become a better leader.”

More importantly, she knows that the possibilities and connections given to her at Mount Union will help her whatever path she decides to take.

“There are so many different options, so why limit yourself? I am really excited to have a degree in athletic training because I have a specific set of skills that I can use,” Ernst said. “But at the same time, because of all of the things I have been involved in, I can really do anything from here on out.”



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