Dr. Kevin Meyer

Teaching Area(s): Psychology

I want my courses to be an experience, not just a class. I work hard to develop fun, exciting experiential activities in every course I teach so that students get a hands-on feel for what they are reading about and listening to.


Research allows you to analyze and investigate areas that you’re most interested in. Human development and family science major students at Mount Union have the following research opportunities:

  • Independent research
  • Research with faculty or student peers
  • Honors projects
  • Research-based courses

By their senior year, students pursuing a human development and family science degree will have developed and implemented a research study from the ground-up, including developing an initial hypothesis, recruiting a sample, collecting data, analyzing data and giving a formal presentation to the department. This Senior Culminating Experience is typically related to the student’s area of interest and is typically done in concert with their peers in a small working group. 

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