Scott Panchik ‘11

Major: Health and Physical Education
Job Title: Crossfit athlete and coach

I chose to attend Mount Union for college because it had an excellent education program and it allowed me to continue my dream of playing football.

Testimonials from Health Majors

"Coming through the physical education and health program has made me very confident about entering into a teaching and coaching career.  The courses of study encompass every imaginable aspect within the content area: from coaching specific sports, to understanding the workings of the human body, to creating coordinated school health programs.  The professors create a climate of high expectations, yet are accommodating to the needs of the individual student.  In addition, recent renovations to the MAAC offer a premiere environment for learning.  If an incoming freshmen values fitness and wants to make a difference, I would greatly recommend becoming a physical education and health major."
-Ehrich Zollinger

"While being a member of the health major at the University of Mount Union, I have created a plethora of great resources and networks that will propel my career in the near future. Dr. Canfield-Simbro has developed a program that not only molds our minds, but our attitudes and habits to increase our likelihood to succeed. The health major offers a great deal of experience in a classroom and in a variety of health topics that I can already see being a great bag of tricks to make me stand out. Overall, the health major has paved a road that will enable me to take the express lane to a successful life."
-Erica Swanger

"The health and physical education majors give you the tools to promote lifelong wellness. Both majors have a variety of classes that allow you to develop as an educator. The classes are designed to use a variety of teaching methods to fit the strengths of all students. The professors go above and beyond to help students build on their professional development."
-Scott Panchik

"I love all the classes that have been offered to me. They really challenge you as a student and make you grow. I feel so prepared already and can not wait to start a career in health education."
-Cassie Kovarik

"The physical education and health staff here at Mount Union is extraordinary.  All staff members here on campus are eager to help and available in a moments notice through email, office hours and even phone conversations.  During my experience, the faculty has helped me gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the career I will pursue after graduation.  As I look back on the information and guidance I was given, I am excited to move forward into a rewarding career and use the knowledge that I have obtained.  I have enjoyed my experience here at Mount Union and am glad I decided to become a Purple Raider."
-Ben Hodkinson

"In the health and physical education majors I know I can go to class each and every day to be greeted by enthusiastic and smiling professionals who are ready to enhance my learning. Being able to be comfortable to talk to my professors has helped me progress through these past three years and I can truly say I have learned from the best! If I ever have a question or need a resource for a lesson I am teaching, the professors are always available to guide the way for me."
-Dana Forgione

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