Heidi Babos '12

Major: Environmental Science
Hometown: Louisville, OH

Future research geologist

President of Geology Club and member of Kappa Pi (art honorary), Students for Environmental Awareness (SEA), Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), International Voices of Praise (IVOP), Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU), Sustainability Task force and the Raiders Marching Band.


Finding the “right fit”
I never wanted to go to a large college and Mount Union seemed like the perfect size within a reasonable distance. I competed in science fair all four years of high school and it allowed me to meet a good majority of the science faculty at Mount Union. I even had two different professors mentor me in my research. I fell in love with Bracy Hall. I spent so much time here and got to know a good majority of the science professors that I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. Plus everyone is very personable and the professors are very willing to take time out of their day to talk to you on a personal and professional level.

So many opportunities to get involved
Originally, I wanted to go to SUNY ESF to be an environmental science major. There was only one problem with that. I like science but really I am a jack of all trades and realized that I needed a liberal arts foundation that only a place like Mount Union could offer. If I went to a school like SUNY, it would have been very unlikely that I could be a science major and art minor… and still be in band! Many colleges don’t even have a band, and playing an instrument has always been my outlet. I love that it is not too difficult for me to be in many different clubs and activities without taking away from time needed for studying and homework.

What Mount Union means to me
It’s very much like a family, meaning that everyone takes care of one another. The University of Mount Union is very diverse and keeps growing. It does a great job keeping up with the times and the wants and needs of the students.

Choosing a major that I enjoy
I have always grown up around environmental ethics in my family (recycling, composting and taking care nature). I’ve always loved the outdoors and because of this, I always wanted to protect it, hence why I majored in environmental science. The only problem is that I am not a big fan when it comes to biology. Rocks and earth science on the other hand – an army couldn’t pull me away! I was always picking up and analyzing rocks on the side of the road, in construction sites and on the playground. A few times I got lucky and found fossils. I got my first rock identification book when I was eight and have been lost in the geology world ever since.

Ultimate dream job
There are multiple dream jobs for me which seem equally enticing. I want to be a research geologist for environmental lawyers, be a park ranger or be an on-staff geologist. With my art minor, I would love to extend that and combine it with my science knowledge to be able to work in a museum.

Heidi Babos

I love that it is not too difficult for me to be in many different clubs and activities without taking away from time needed for studying and homework.

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