Helping Others At Mount Union

April 08, 2010


Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) acted in the spirit of unity on Tuesday, September 11, when they began collecting donations for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund during their annual "Welcome Back" dessert for students.

After the initial collection at the dessert, members of the organization solicited additional donations at a table outside of the cafeteria for the remainder of the week, accumulating a total of $514.30. ALD decided to match the funds that they had raised from their own budget, which according to their staff advisor, Sara Sherer, "is a good commitment because we don't usually do service activities with our budget."

In addition, ALD has extended a challenge to other organizations and members of the campus community to join their cause and match the money that they raised or make donations. ALD has sent letters about this challenge to the Association of Women Students (AWS), Black Student Union (BSU), Student Activities Council (SAC), Alpha Phi Omega (APO), Association of International Students (AIS) and Student Senate. "We asked these organizations because they frequently co-sponsor things," Sherer said. So far, the donations of other organizations have been trickling in, even from those that ALD did not actively ask for help.

The Mount Union Housekeeping department, through their own program entitled "Caring and Sharing," has donated $200 and Mary Fisher, manager of the Bookstore, has donated the funds of a 20 percent off sale that the bookstore sponsored, $245 in all, to this cause. Keisuke Ida, this year's winner of the Mr. MUC title, donated $25 of his $50 earnings from the contest. "I thought that this $50 was extra money for me and I wanted to do something for the people who have been

suffering in the event, so I used my prize money for them," he said.

Sherer and Ida share a sense of shock and fear about the recent tragedy. Despite this, Sherer believes that the events "brought a feeling of altruism [to our nation] and it's good to see the country pull together to help." Ida worries about those who may be called to go to war. Their feelings are very representative of those that many Americans are experiencing in the wake of September 11. However, Ida, Sherer and other members of the Mount Union community are part of a movement that is helping to give Americans a renewed sense of security.

The Alpha Lambda Delta effort is called "Help Us Help Others." The organization plans to have the money that they raised as well as outside donations drafted into one check and sent to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund by October 20.

For more information, contact the Office of Public Relations at (330) 823-6063

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