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Hispanic Heritage Celebration 2006

One of Mount's student leaders is senior Victoria Snyder. She has been called on numerous times to help plan, organize and implement programming for our office. Ms. Snyder has taken some time to reflect on the 2006 Hispanic Heritage Celebration. Please read her thoughts below.

Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration 2006

When I arrived on Mount Union's campus I was welcomed by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, LaTashia Reedus and Sherylynn Chapman-Thomas. Both have been instrumental in my career here at Mount Union.

The Hispanic Food Festival has been an annual project for the last two years. This year it culminated in a wonderfully elaborate lunch for the campus and community of Alliance. The Hispanic Heritage Festival was an idea created by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs with collaboration from our Hispanic students. The idea was to represent the Hispanic community of Mount Union during Hispanic Heritage Month. What started off the first year as an all day food festival with artifacts, and several PowerPoint presentations has grown into a month long affair.

This year's celebrations had three parts to it: The Second Annual Hispanic Food Festival, a Hispanic dinner in the cafeteria, and a Hispanic movie night.

With several months of planning and preparation the festival this year was definitely a treat. The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs brought the band "Forro For All" (managed by Ocho Bajos music) to campus, which played during the food festival outside in the middle of the quad. The food festival was held for both Mount Union and the city of Alliance community. It featured ethnic food from across Latin America, Mexico, and Puerto Rico to Cuba. The turnout this year grew greatly in numbers among the student body; however, it was upsetting to see so few faculty, and administration supporting the event. The Black Student Union was very supportive in our efforts and several members helped with the preparation and planning of the event.

The Hispanic movie night, was not my idea, but presented to me by Dr. Clara Becera, a Spanish teacher here at Mount Union. She felt that for us to really reach out to the campus community we should offer movies that students may not feel accustom. Three movies were shown, Like water for Chocolate, being the crowd favorite. The attendance for this event was not as large as we would have liked, but still the students that did attend thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The last event of the Hispanic Heritage Month was a culmination of plans with Dining Services and me. Directors, Mark Petrino, and Joe Hilton met with me and we decided to slowly introduce Mount Union students to more Latin food besides the typical tacos and burritos. The whole dining experience that night was based around Latin food, and Latin music was even played while dinner was being served.

Over all the Hispanic Heritage Month has been a project that, I feel, has opened the eyes of several students on Mount Union's campus. However, we are still in the infancy of this project, and there is much more that needs to be done with it, but I look forward to the project next year, and invite all who would like to participate to join.

Tori Snyder~

Junior, Communication Major

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