Peter Young '18

Major: Physics and Mathematics
Hometown:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The friends and professors I’ve had so far have been absolutely amazing, and most of them start to feel more like family; it’s hard to feel alone at Mount.

Honors Program Community

An engaging community is an important dimension of the Honors Program. The program develops this community in several ways.

  • University Honors Orientation: Allows Honors students to arrive on campus early and develop relationships with fellow Honors students and professors through various social and intellectual activities.
  • Student housing: Provides students the opportunity to live near fellow Honors students in residence halls. With sufficient student interest, Honors students may live together in an Honors Learning Community (theme house).
  • Service opportunities: Through both the Honors Council and Honors classes, students are presented with the chance to volunteer and make a difference in the community.
  • Honors Council: an Honors student organization that affords students the opportunity to provide leadership in curricular and co-curricular aspects of the Honors Program. Through events and activities, the Council presents students with the chance to make connections with peers across the program

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