Peter Young '18

Major: Physics and Mathematics
Hometown:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The friends and professors I’ve had so far have been absolutely amazing, and most of them start to feel more like family; it’s hard to feel alone at Mount.

Student Benefits

Honors students receive numerous benefits through the participation in the Program including:

  • Exciting courses: A range of engaging courses taught by innovative faculty.
  • Stimulating academic community: A chance to reach full potential through a supportive learning community of advisors and peers.
  • Opportunity to develop leadership skills: Unique opportunities for professional development and civic leadership.
  • Invitations to cultural and social events on and off campus: Participate in excursions to various events each semester, with group seating at many events.
  • Mentoring: First year students are mentored by upper-level Honors students called Honors Advocates, and may apply to be an Honors Advocate in subsequent years.
  • Participation in the honors student organization: Take on a leadership role in the Honors Council.
  • Service opportunities: Volunteer alongside fellow Honors students to make a difference in the community. Many honors classes include service learning of various types.
  • Conference travel: Propose to present at the regional Honors Conference and additional relevant professional conferences.
  • Advanced registration: Register along with the senior class.
  • Overload tuition waivers: Take more than 20 semester hours without paying an overload fee.
  • Honors housing options: Request to live near other Honors students in residence halls. With sufficient student interest, an Honors Learning Community (theme house) is also available.
  • Recognition at Commencement: Completion of University Honors and Honors in the Major will be printed with the student’s name in the Commencement program and also included on the university transcript.

Benefits of the Honors Program also extend beyond graduation.

Employers often consider students who take part in a University honors program to be more motivated and able to take on more responsibility, which can increase employment opportunities. While employers may be viewing hundreds of applications for any one position, “Honors” on a resume will help young professionals stand out among others without such a credential.

Graduate schools also tend to view applicants with honors as more accountable and driven, which often distinguishes those individuals and enhances graduate school admission chances.

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