Ryan Donaldson ’15

Major: Medical Laboratory Science
Hometown:North Canton, Ohio

When I graduated from high school, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. I was interested in becoming a medical technologist, and heard that Mount Union had an outstanding medical technology program.

Honors Recognitions

Students are recognized at graduation for superior academic achievement. This recognition is signified by "honors cords" added to their academic regalia as they ascend the platform to receive their degrees.

The following honors are based upon the grade point average achieved during the full college career at Mount Union. Grade point averages are based upon an A as 4.000. Students achieving a grade point average of 3.899 or better are awarded their degrees summa cum laude signified by the gold honors cord, students achieving a grade point average of 3.750 to 3.899 are awarded their degrees magna cum laude signified by the silver honors cord, and students achieving a grade point average of 3.550 to 3.749 are awarded their degrees cum laude signified by the white honors cord.

In addition, honors recognition is granted to students who show superior achievement in special honors programs. A red honors cord is awarded to students graduating with honors in a major as defined by the awarding department. The purple cords signify graduation with honors in liberal studies which represents superior academic performance in several interdisciplinary studies.


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