Peter Young '18

Major: Physics and Mathematics
Hometown:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The friends and professors I’ve had so far have been absolutely amazing, and most of them start to feel more like family; it’s hard to feel alone at Mount.

Honors Student Organization

The Honors student organization, the Honors Council, affords students the opportunity to provide leadership in curricular and co-curricular aspects of the Honors Program. Through events and activities, the Council presents students with the chance to make connections with peers across the program.


Two representatives from each class are elected to the Council each academic year. Two coordinators (one sophomore and one upper-level student) are then elected from the representatives to serve on the Council. Honors Program co-directors serve solely in an advisory capacity.

Each member of the Council takes responsibility for various aspects of programming, activities and information, including but not limited to:

  • Planning social and service events and opportunities
  • Representing Honors students to the faculty Honors Subcommittee
  • Communicating information about national and regional honors conferences
  • Addressing additional needs and interests as determined by the Council


All Honors students are invited to participate in social, cultural and service events carried out by the Council. In the past, such events have included trips to museums, meals with Honors professors, movie nights and making cards for residents of assisted living facilities.

Read what our Honors students say about the Council:

The Honors Council is a new group we have developed in order to build a sense of community within the program itself. We hope to accomplish this through social and educational activities for honors students. I have come to know many wonderful faculty members and even friends through the program thus far, and I can only imagine where it will take me in the future. 

- Honors Council Coordinator Chelsea Black ‘17

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