Important Dates

Prior to each academic semester, the Office of Business Affairs emails a billing letter to each student regarding important billing information. Billing Statements are sent electronically each month. 

  • Initial Fall Billing Statement will be sent June 16 with a due date of July 31
  • Initial Spring Billing Statement will be sent November 30 with a due date of January 3

Late fees are assessed monthly and a hold will be placed on your account if payment has not been received by the due date. A statement will be published under the Finance tab > Make a Payment screen on Self-Service for your review.

Withdraw dates and charges:

A student who wants to withdraw after classes have started for the semester initiates the process with the Office of Student Affairs to indicate that he/she is withdrawing.  The official date of withdrawal is the date the student contacted the Office of Student Affairs OR the midpoint of the semester (please refer to Withdrawal Process in the Student Catalogue).  Students who withdraw from the University entirely according to the process described above are eligible for a partial refund of tuition and fee charges according to the following schedule (please note: a week is measured by Sunday through Saturday):

Week Number                          Refund Percentage                   Charge Percentage

Week 1                                               100%                                       0%

Week 2                                                75%                                        25%

Week 3                                                50%                                        50%

Week 4                                                25%                                        75%

Week 5 and after                                  0%                                        100%

Room and board charges are refunded based on a pro-rata basis.  Application fees, laboratory fees, and other course fees are not refundable after the add/drop period.

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