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INCUBOX helps companies in the region grow from concept to start-up to early stage to full on market expansion. We provide advice and connections to resources, local and regional, connecting students and community-based entrepreneurs to the real world environment. INCUBOX accommodates both physical and virtual companies of any type including those that have no tech, low tech and high tech.

INCUBOX offers an intense, mentor driven, accelerator program on the campus of the University of Mount Union. This program is aimed at businesses later in the development process, looking to maximize their success and grow their company.

INCUBOX exists to bring together innovators and entrepreneurs to launch their ideas, and accelerate their companies into successful business operations.

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Emerging Entrepreneurs
The University of Mount Union’s Entrepreneurship Minor program continues to grow providing education in decision making, market analysis, critical thinking, business planning and strategy, and basic financial understanding. The ENT program prepares students to develop their ideas, potentially start a business, and gain real-world experience.

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  1. Address
    INCUBOX 136 Hartshorn Street Alliance, Ohio 44601 In van den Eynden Hall
  2. Email incubox601@gmail.com
  3. Call330.829.6804
  4. Lab Hours 8am to 4pm - Mon, Wed, Thurs.
    (or by appointment)

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INCUBOX 136 Hartshorn Street Alliance, Ohio 44601 In van den Eynden Hall