Information on Graduation Requirements

Applying for Graduation
All students who wish to graduate must apply for graduation at least one  semester prior to their planned date of graduation.  Application for Graduation forms are available in the Office of the Registrar or online at the registrar’s website.  The University recommends that students apply at least one year before graduation to ensure that all graduation requirements can be identified and completed by the expected graduation date.  The application form will include:  when the student plans to complete graduation requirements;  a declaration of the student’s major(s), minor(s), and concentration(s); and the degree the student expects to earn.

Once an application is received, the Office of the Registrar and the student’s major department chair will identify any remaining requirements for graduation on a Degree Clearance Form, a copy of which will be given to the student and her/his advisor.


Degree Conferral
At the end of each fall and spring semester as well as summer sessions, the registrar presents to the faculty the names of all students who have at that point successfully completed all requirements for graduation.  The faculty must then approve these potential graduates before they can be awarded a degree.  Once the faculty have approved the candidates for a specific degree, that degree will be conferred on those students by the University. 

Faculty approval                              Degree conferral

At the end of the spring semester                 May

At the end of the summer sessions               August

At the end of the fall semester                      December

For degrees conferred in August or December, diplomas will be mailed to the students; degree conferral in May will be done at Commencement where diplomas will be issued directly to the student.  Students whose degrees were conferred in August or December also may participate in the May Commencement exercises.  The graduates’ official academic records will include evidence of degree conferral.

A student who completes degree requirements between the times of degree conferral may request from the registrar a letter of completion certifying that degree requirements have been satisfied and confirming that the degree will be awarded at the next conferral date.

If the student has an outstanding financial obligation to the University, until and unless those financial obligations have been reconciled, a potential graduate or a degree candidate may not:

  1. Obtain a letter of completion.
  2. Participate in any aspect of the Baccalaureate or Commencement exercises (i.e. wear an academic robe, cross the stage with others who have completed degree requirements, etc.).
  3. Receive a diploma or any other attendant documents (e.g. certificates, awards, honors, etc.).
  4. Secure any evidence or verification of degree conferral (e.g. transcript etc.).


“Walking” at Commencement
If a student is or will be within one course of completing all requirements for the bachelor’s degree at the time of the May Commencement, the student may apply to the registrar to be allowed to “walk” at Commencement.   If approval is granted, the missing course must be taken at Mount Union or as an approved transient course in the summer immediately following that Commencement. The student must be registered for the course prior to Commencement

Students who participate in the May ceremony as “walkers” will not graduate until the August conferral date.  During the period of time between completion of all requirements and the date the degree is awarded, students may request a Certificate of Completion to accompany a transcript.

Please note:  Honors designations will not be listed in the Commencement program until the actual year of graduation.

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