Blase Cindric 2017

Blase Cindric

Teaching Area(s): Computer Science and MPSD

Mount Union has much better computing facilities than other private schools our size. The administration has maintained a commitment to keep our computer labs up to date with equipment and software that allows us to offer course content that applies directly to practices and skills used in the real world.


In our modern world, it is imperative that workplace technology be both effective and reliable. Skilled professionals in the computer information systems field play a vital role in ensuring that the technology within their businesses and organization is implemented and administered both efficiently and appropriately. That’s why job prospects in this field are projected to be excellent in the years to come, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics expecting growth in this field of 17% through 2018, which is faster than the average for all occupations.

Take advantage of current and future technological innovations and develop skills through hands-on experience in preparation for a rewarding career in this growing field with a major in computer information systems at Mount Union. You’ll gain knowledge of programming, systems analysis and database theory and be prepared for a rewarding career in a number of technological fields.

Progressive Insurance
The Timken Company
The Bonanno Group, Inc.

Air Force Institute of Technology
Case Western Reserve University
Florida State University
University of Illinois
University of North Carolina
University of Pittsburgh

Application programming
Systems analysis
Information systems management
Software engineering

100% of Computer Information Systems majors from the classes of 2012-2014 were able to start a degree-required career or were accepted to graduate school within 6 months of graduation. (from a survey with 100% self-reporting)
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