Blase Cindric 2017

Blase Cindric

Teaching Area(s): Computer Science and MPSD

Mount Union has much better computing facilities than other private schools our size. The administration has maintained a commitment to keep our computer labs up to date with equipment and software that allows us to offer course content that applies directly to practices and skills used in the real world.

Testimonials from Information Systems Majors

"I am a computer information systems major and I have learned so much from my classes and my instructors during my time at Mount Union. My professors' connections and recommendations have even opened up a door for me to accept additional hands-on experience through two paid internships! I cannot be more excited about my classes or about the direction my future is heading!"
-Justin Maddocks

"The Computer Science & Information Systems faculty continually seeks the best out of its students. The professors in that department teach students how to solve problems in the classroom as well as outside in the real world."
-Justin Bonanno

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