Intercollegiate Student Debate To Be Held At Mount Union College

April 08, 2010

The semi-annual Mount Union College Intercollegiate Student Debate will be held Thursday, April 12 at 5:30 p.m. in Chapman Hall 202. The topic of the debate is, given the political tension in the world, unilateral foreign policy is harmful and immoral.

Opening remarks for the event will be given by Dr. Patricia Draves, vice president for academic affairs and Dean of the College. Martin Horning, professor of economics, will be the chairman of the debate.

Judges for the event include Mount Union faculty and staff members Rodney Dick, assistant professor of English and director of the Writing Center; Dr. Mary Eicholtz, assistant professor communication; Robert Garland, director of libraries; Scott Gravlee, associate professor of philosophy and religious studies; Theresa Davis; lecturer of history and Peter Schneller, associate professor of education. They will be joined by Peter Yacobucci of Walsh University's Department of Political Science.

Debating in favor of the topic will be Mount Union College senior political science major John Highman, senior communication studies major Leland Spencer, senior history major Gregory Reichart and senior political science major Alexander Darr.

Debating against the topic will be Walsh University's Katelin Seivertson, Ashland University students Clint Leibolt and Jamie Kresge and Mount Union College junior psychology major Julie Miller.

First place prize is $70, second place is $60, third is $50 and certificates will be given to all participants.

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