Interlibrary Loan Policy

I. Definition*

Interlibrary loans are transactions in which library materials are made available by one library to another; for the purposes of this code they also include the provision of copies as substitutes for loans of the original materials.

II. Purpose*

Since it is increasingly evident that it is impossible for any one library to be self-sufficient, and in the belief that the furtherance of knowledge is in the general interest, interlibrary borrowing and lending is regarded by the libraries subscribing to this agreement as essential to library service.

III. Scope*

A. Any type of library material needed for the purposes of study, instruction, information, or research may be requested on loan or in photocopy from another library. The lending library has the privilege of deciding in each case whether a particular item should or should not be provided, and whether the original or a copy should be sent. These decisions may be determined by the nature of the material or its physical condition, or the degree of active demand for the material requested. If the item you need is not available at Mount Union, search OPAL (our Consortium), then OhioLINK. Any item not available through OhioLINK may be requested through Interlibrary Loan.

B. Under the terms of this agreement it is permissible to request on interlibrary loan:

1. Materials collected in specialized subject fields and in special non-restricted collections.

2. Materials collected under special acquisition agreements.

3. Materials bought under special grant or other programs intended to promote economical use of the total resources of the area.

4. In-print books where local purchase is not feasible.

5. Reference materials whenever lending might not hinder the service of the lending library.

C. Under the terms of this agreement, borrowing libraries will not ordinarily request:

1. Books in current and/or recurring demand 2. Bulky or fragile material 3. Rare materials 4. A large number of titles for one person at any one time 5. Duplicates of titles already owned 6. Materials which can be copied cheaply 7. Materials for class, reserve, or other purposes requiring a loan period longer than two to three weeks

IV. Information Needed for Interlibrary Loans

A. The library has the necessary forms to be filled out when requesting interlibrary loans. The following information is requested for loans of:

1. Books a. Author/Editor b. Title c. Publisher d. Where published e. Copyright date

2. Photocopies a. Title of article b. Author of article c. Title of journal d. Year of publication of journal e. Volume of publication f. Issue number of publication g. Article pages needed

V. Length of Time Involved in an Interlibrary Loan

A. The average response of an interlibrary loan request is two weeks. B. During semester breaks, summer vacations and holiday seasons, the waiting period may be longer. C. Please note that in any case, it is impossible to guarantee a loan or a delivery date.

VI. Costs of Interlibrary Loans

The Mount Union Library does not charge for interlibrary loan requests.

*From the Ohio Interlibrary Loan Code

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